What We Do

We are a Building Services and Energy Solutions provider specialising in low carbon building renovations and refurbishments and the cost effective, energy efficient provision of heating and hot water for Homes and Businesses. We are proud to offer cutting edge renewable solutions which are designed to transform the energy efficiency of Homes and Businesses.

Our Aim

To bring the very best in energy efficient, contemporary design and technology to your Home or Business Project. Offering a Professional, Reliable, and Trustworthy service to our customers in a cost effective and sustainable way.



At Future Green Energy, we are passionate about Renewable Energy, not just because we want to clean up the planet for future generations, but because it just makes common sense!

Using Renewable Energy to generate power and heat actually saves you money on your utility bills, and can even earn you cash from incentive schemes – this is money you can spend on things that are important to you. Who wants to give money away to the big energy companies when, with a little planning, you could be spending it on a holiday or investing it for your own benefit?



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